Radical Documents is a Los Angeles based record label that focuses on unique, experimental, and often obscure transmissions of sound from a wide range of artists.

Andrew Barker + Jon Irabagon Duo - Anemone RD031

From full throttle free jazz to intimate (sometimes guttural) microtonal vibrations, Barker and Irabagon stretch jazz to its limit on Anemone. The four tunes contained within are a fantastic showcase of Barker and Irabagon’s brilliant knack for improvisation and their heightened sensitivity to their instruments (Drums and Tenor Sax). Recorded November 11th, 2019 by Andrew Barker in Brooklyn, NY.

Professionally produced CD. Limited to 200 copies.

Cran Beret - Heater RD030

“Cran Beret met every Tuesday of February and March 2018 to sit and improvise music. The recordings that became Heater were culled from and named for these sessions, during which an oversized Modine blower turned itself on from time to time to heat the studio. We are artists mostly but recommend giving music a try.”

– Anna Rosen and Elise Duryee-Browner

Available in a limited run of 200 cassettes. Professionally duplicated.

ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 3 RD029

The third installment of Inglewood Tapes is finally here! Across sides A and B art rockers ATM explore songs about persistent heat, crowds, Germany, lost loves, sickness, teenage lust, and record hunting (to name a few)… in addition to a slew of killer instrumental jams. It’s reassuring to hear that ATM is still towing the line with the obscure and cult jams you’ve come to love.

Limited to 250 copies. Pressed in the USA at Erika Records. Mastered by James Plotkin

Midnight Steppers - Isolation Drives RD028

“Recorded 2007-2019 in Beaverton, Oregon on a Tascam 424. NO COMPUTERS WERE USED TO CREATE THIS MUSIC”.

This was the only text on a mysterious demo that showed up on our doorstep. I popped in the tape and was blown away. Blasted, treble soaked loner rock that sounded like it was pleading for help at the bottom of a well. Thankfully there was a phone number in the package. After a brief talk, where the label was sworn to secrecy, we decided to release this tape.

UPDATE: the intial run of 100 cassettes is now sold out. We have decided to make this release available on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Pressed in the USA at Erika Records. LP’s will ship 03/1/2021.


Artist duo Amy Howden-Chapman and Steve Kado return with a follow up to their debut album on Radical Documents. The side long pieces on 2 are sprawling and intense. The sound ranges from moments of stark minimalism to pulsing waves of modulation. The space in-between is bustling with intricate and understated moments that come at you from from all angles until the very last second. A beautiful advancement of LEAD’s sound and vision.

Available in a limited pressing of 300 hand silkscreened copies.

B.C.F.W. - barragemirage megamultifurcation RD014

Formed through a complex web of friendships in and out of the improvised music scene and contemporary art world B.C.F.W are bonded by a common love of musical exploration. In 2018 they all made arrangements to meet in New York City. The fruits of this meeting are the freaked out jazz tracks contained on this album. Melted and dreamy reeds, gurgling synths, clattering drums, and silky guitar weave in and out of each other in an electrifying dance. It is a jazz album… but one that is at the further reaches of composition and expectation. B.C.F.W is Andrew Barker (synthesizer and cello) Daniel Carter (tenor sax, soprano sax, and trumpet), Pat Foley (guitar), and Fritz Welch (drums).

Available in a limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies. Cover photograph by Chase Allgood.

? Band - The Ivory Era RD013 SOLD OUT!!

Originally recorded on 4 track a few summers ago, these mellow and maudlin piano instrumentals will take you on a nostalgic trip. You can hear the summer heat gently pulling the strings in and out of tune as the tapes hisses and spins. Like a melted VHS that has been played a 1000 times these tunes will feel warm and familiar. Question Mark Band is a mystery to most, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Available in a limited run of 50 copies. Professionally duplicated

The Puds - Toxic Shock B/W Vege-Nam RD012

Comprised of artists Tony Labat, Bruce Pollack, and Philip Huyser, The Puds were an exciting oddity nestled within the punk and performance community of San Francisco in the early 80’s. Known for their raucous live shows and for once performing inside a prison, the Puds only produced one recorded document in their short lifespan. Long out of print, it is now available for the first time in nearly 40 years. Two agitating and unnerving vocal cacophonies that will leave your head spinning. Audio has been taken and restored from the original tapes to produce this fantastic release. When you play it, wear it!

Available in a limited pressing of 200 copies. Comes in a two color silkscreened dust jacket.

SPYKES & PARASHI - Braille License Plates For Sullen Nights RD011 SOLD OUT!!

For nearly five years and counting the Christmas tradition has been an annual frozen sonic meeting in the shadows of Clifton Park, NY between Mike Griffin & Johnny R. Spykes. Bonded by a lengthy basement pact of mutual NON MUSICK they’ve forged an unholy handshake with Braille License Plates For Sullen Nights. The two tracks of lurking electronics & handmade reeds on sides A and B will fill your cave-creature skull to the brim with overheated nonsensical memory transmissions. It is a brief dip into the seven inch deep waters but what you pull out of the murky pond should be put right TF back to its horrible dank home.Your record needle fears this, your neighbors hate this, the cops know this exists, and you need it. This record is polyvinyl chloride proof of the secrets the bacteria hides under your fingernails! Features members of the Albany Ambushers. Audiophiles burned alive!

Available in a limited pressing of 200 copies. Handmade covers, each one unique, and the record speed is based on how many days you have not left the house. Two locked grooves for endless zoning.

Ben Hall & Don Dietrich - Tiger Swallow Tail RD010 SOLD OUT!!

Replete with overtones, multiphonics, and free jazz spirit, Tiger Swallow Tail expands Ben Hall (The New Monuments) and Don Dietrich’s (Borbetomagus, The New Monuments) sax and drum vocabulary into territories that border on raga and drone. The result is unrelenting noise bliss. From the first crack of the snare to the last snarling hiss of the reed.

Available in a limited pressing of 300 copies. Screen printed paste-on covers on red gloss jackets.

Mother, Juggs & Speed - Party Trash B/W You're Bumming My Trip RD009

Radical Documents is pleased to present two trashy glam diamonds from L.A.’s Mother, Juggs & Speed. Unheard since 1989, these tracks were rescued from a tape found in the dusty garage of my friend and landlord Arthur Brennan. Think… The Dead Boys in a head on collision with the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Featuring members of Glue and The Student Teachers. The results are shambolic… Warts, tape hiss, and all! Dedicated to the memory of lead singer and bon vivant Fred Maddux (1962- 1996)

Available in a limited pressing of 200 copies. Comes in B/W printed glue pocket sleeve.

ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 2 RD008

The second installment in an ongoing series by damaged Inglewood art rockers ATM. Still obscure, cult, and destined for the waste bin of history… but this time with slightly better production and half the songs are in spanish! This collection of tunes will definitely rid the party of narcs and normies, thinning the heard so the actual heads can get down!!!

Available in a pressing of 300 copies. Comes packaged in Yellow Disco Jacket with custom sticker on front and back. Mastered by James Plotkin.

Fritz Welch - a desire to push forward without gaining access to anything RD007

Mutant vocals crash alongside sobering dada sentiments on this new LP by Fritz Welch (Peeesseye, FvRTvR, Ki, Lambs Gamble, Asparagus Piss Rain Drop, Ego Depletion, etc). Fritz presents a ping pong vocal dance that transforms into a twisted exchange of rhythms and melody. A recorded journey into the interior of Fritz’ brain hole. Unrelenting and beautiful in its execution across both sides, you’ll be gasping for air by the end of it all.

Available in a pressing of 300 copies. Green vinyl packaged in hand numbered, offset neon green covers designed by Reuben Lorch-Miller. Mastered by Sebastian Lexer. Recording and additional electronics by Andrew Barker.

Dean Spunt - EE Head RD006

On “EE HEAD” Dean Spunt (No Age, Wives, C.R.A.S.H.) presents a musique concrete dish served in four parts. Anchored by the occasional pounding kick drum and microphone feedback, Dean gently weaves a through line across four separate (but eerily familiar) tracks by employing a motion sensor to trigger samples at random. Themes begin to emerge and reverberate out across side A and B like heavily toasted versions of an original song that has been lost or buried by time.

*The inspiration for this record came from an initial performance of this piece at Gordon Robichaux Gallery (NY), September 16th, 2017

Available in a pressing of 250 copies. Mastered by Scott Cornish

Eve Fowler - Words Doing As They Want To Do RD005

This LP collects the casual reading of two important Gertrude Stein works (Miss Furr and Miss Skeene and Q.E.D.) Readers include: Jess Arndt, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Kate Hall, Bobby Jablonski, Dylan Mira, Litia Perta, and Rachelle Sawatsky. This LP was Produced on the occasion of the artist’s first major European museum exhibition

Available in a limited pressing of 250 hand silkscreened copies. Signed and numbered by the artist

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - I Say to You RD004

Originally released as an extremely limited cassette in June 2014, this fantastic material is finally making its debut on vinyl. Recorded live on a hot summer afternoon in Ghent (using voice, guitar amplifier, and tape recorders) Sigtryggur’s gorgeous ethereal moans seamlessly move between deep meditation and schizo rhythm. Not to be missed.

Available in a pressing of 200 copies

Crazy Doberman - Free LSD RD003

Hailing from LaFayette Indiana, this amorphous psycho jazz unit drops a heavy slab of tunes that sounds like “the Glenn Miller orchestra recorded a tape for Industrial Records and microwaved the masters”. Hard to pin down and forever tripping with new players/ live sessions all over the US. This LP features: Drew Davis, Tim Gick, John Olson ( Wolf Eyes ), Jessica Billey, Jason Filer, Aaron Zernack, Paul Baldwin, and Zeno Ben-Amotz.

Available in a pressing of 500 copies

ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 1 RD002 SOLD OUT!!

Obscure, cult, and destined for the waste bin of history… damaged Inglewood art rockers ATM have been stacking tapes over the last year at a dizzying pace. This collection of blasted and bastardized dance numbers will to shake your normie soul to the bone. Call your dealer, you’ll need it to keep up.

Pressing of 200 copies now sold out!


The debut album from LEAD! Artist duo Amy Howden-Chapman and Steve Kado deliver two intricate and understated sides of bedroom noise sophistication. A further deconstructed Shadow Ring meets Patty Waters “College Tour”.

Pressing of 250 copies now sold out!

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