Radical Documents is a Los Angeles based record label that focuses on unique, experimental, and often obscure transmissions of sound from a wide range of artists.

Fritz Welch - a desire to push forward without gaining access to anything RDLP07

Mutant vocals crash alongside sobering dada sentiments on this new LP by Fritz Welch (Peeesseye, FvRTvR, Ki, Lambs Gamble, Asparagus Piss Rain Drop, Ego Depletion, etc). Fritz presents a ping pong vocal dance that transforms into a twisted exchange of rhythms and melody. A recorded journey into the interior of Fritz’ brain hole. Unrelenting and beautiful in its execution across both sides, you’ll be gasping for air by the end of it all.

available in a pressing of 300 copies. Green vinyl packaged in hand numbered, offset neon green covers designed by Reuben Lorch-Miller. Mastered by Sebastian Lexer.

Dean Spunt - EE Head RDLP06

On “EE HEAD” Dean Spunt (No Age, Wives, C.R.A.S.H.) presents a musique concrete dish served in four parts. The ingredients for this record consist of a pre recorded palette of samples that are anchored by the occasional pounding kick drum and microphone feedback. Using these parameters, Dean gently weaves a through line across four separate (but eerily familiar) tracks by employing a motion sensor to trigger the samples at random. The themes begin to emerge and reverberate out across side A and B like heavily toasted versions of an original song that has been lost or buried by time.

*The inspiration for this record came from an initial performance of this piece at Gordon Robichaux Gallery (NY), September 16th, 2017

Available in a pressing of 250 copies. Mastered by Scott Cornish

Eve Fowler - Words Doing As They Want To Do RDLP05

This LP collects the casual reading of two important Gertrude Stein works (Miss Furr and Miss Skeene and Q.E.D.) Readers include: Jess Arndt, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Kate Hall, Bobby Jablonski, Dylan Mira, Litia Perta, and Rachelle Sawatsky. This LP was Produced on the occasion of the artist’s first major European museum exhibition

Available in a limited pressing of 250 hand silkscreened copies. Signed and numbered by the artist

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - I Say to You RDLP04

Originally released as an extremely limited cassette in June 2014, this fantastic material is finally making its debut on vinyl. Recorded live on a hot summer afternoon in Ghent (using voice, guitar amplifier, and tape recorders) Sigtryggur’s gorgeous ethereal moans seamlessly move between deep meditation and schizo rhythm. Not to be missed.

Available in a pressing of 200 copies

Crazy Doberman - Free LSD RDLP03

Hailing from LaFayette Indiana, this amorphous psycho jazz unit drops a heavy slab of tunes that sounds like “the Glenn Miller orchestra recorded a tape for Industrial Records and microwaved the masters”. Hard to pin down and forever tripping with new players/ live sessions all over the US. This LP features: Drew Davis, Tim Gick, John Olson ( Wolf Eyes ), Jessica Billey, Jason Filer, Aaron Zernack, Paul Baldwin, and Zeno Ben-Amotz.

Available in a pressing of 500 copies

ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 1 RDLP02

Obscure, cult, and destined for the waste bin of history… damaged Inglewood art rockers ATM have been stacking tapes over the last year at a dizzying pace. This collection of blasted and bastardized dance numbers will to shake your normie soul to the bone. Call your dealer, you’ll need it to keep up.

Available in a pressing of 200 copies


The debut album from LEAD! Artist duo Amy Howden-Chapman and Steve Kado deliver two intricate and understated sides of bedroom noise sophistication. A further deconstructed Shadow Ring meets Patty Waters “College Tour”.

Available in a pressing of 250 copies

Currently at the Plant:
RDLP08 - ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol.2

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